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    Problems with the Migration Tool


      I'm getting an error when trying to start asmt, this is the Migration Tool form the Sun Java System Application Server 9. The error is the following:

      sun.iasmt.user.cmd.backendenablers.InputArgException: 204:Insufficient disk space. File: C:myEAR.ear needs: 1163 bytes available: 0 bytes at sun.iasmt.supervisor.util.InputDataPreprocessor.insufficientDiskSpace
      (Unknown Source) at sun.iasmt.supervisor.util.InputDataPreprocessor.processJ2eeArchive(Un
      known Source) at sun.iasmt.supervisor.util.InputDataPreprocessor.exec(Unknown Source)
      at sun.iasmt.user.IASMTMain.runTool(Unknown Source)
      at sun.iasmt.user.IASMTMain.<init>(Unknown Source)

      My desktop have more of 20GB of free disk space and the enviorement's variables are setting:


      My ear is allright deployed by Sun One System Application Server 7, but not by Sun Java System Application Server 9, so that, I need to use the migration tool.

      Could anyone help me?