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Can I use RowSet with Type 4 Oracle Driver

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I am getting following exception when I am using Type 4 Driver with RowSet, but every thing fine with ResultSet.

[12/Mar/2002 16:01:02:1] error: ODBC-083: could not load the library <db2cli.dll>
configured in the registry for the driver <256>
[12/Mar/2002 16:01:02:1] warning: ODBC-002: ODBC-002: DriverConnect: (IM002): [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data sour
ce name not found and no default driver specified (DB Error: 0)
[12/Mar/2002 16:01:02:1] warning: ODBC-027: CreateConn: failed to create connection
[new connection]: DSN=,DB=,USER=bp_andy6_d,PASS=xxxxxxxxxx

[12/Mar/2002 16:01:02:1] error: DATA-108: failed to create a data connection with any of specified drivers
java.sql.SQLException: no connection for statement execution
at com.netscape.server.jdbc.NASRowSet.executeConn(Unknown Source)
at com.netscape.server.jdbc.NASRowSet.readData(Unknown Source)
at com.netscape.server.jdbc.NASRowSet.execute(Unknown Source)
at com.exult.andy.base.helpers.DBAccess.executeRowSet(
at com.exult.andy.base.ejb.BaseBean.runQueryDS(
at com.exult.andy.base.ejb.BaseBean.runQuery(
at com.exult.andy.base.ejb.BaseBean.runQueryFromDB(
at com.exult.andy.base.ejb.DataGetterBean.DataBaseRequest(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
at com.exult.andy.base.ejb.ejb_skel_com_exult_andy_base_ejb_DataGetterBean.DataBaseRequest(ejb_skel_com_exult_an
at com.exult.andy.base.ejb.ejb_kcp_skel_IDataGetter.DataBaseRequest__java_sql_ResultSet__indir_wstring(ejb_kcp_s
at com.kivasoft.ebfp.FPRequest.invokenative(Native Method)
at com.kivasoft.ebfp.FPRequest.invoke(Unknown Source)
at com.exult.andy.base.ejb.ejb_kcp_stub_IDataGetter.DataBaseRequest(
at com.exult.andy.base.ejb.ejb_stub_IDataGetter.DataBaseRequest(
at com.exult.andy.base.helpers.ANDY.load(
at com.exult.andy.base.helpers.ANDY.retrieve(
at com.exult.andy.base.helpers.ANDY.get(
at com.exult.andy.base.utilities.Util.readTS(
at com.iplanet.ias.startup.StartupClass.startUp(
at com.kivasoft.engine.Engine.invokeStartUp(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at com.kivasoft.engine.Engine.main(Unknown Source)

And, it is working fine with ORACLE_OCI driver.

Any Idea.

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    You can use type-4 driver with RowSets. Can you please confirm your driver and datasource configuration are correct and working for type-4 driver.
    for more information visit:

    And to get rid of the line: "could not load the library <db2cli.dll> ...", please see my previous posting on this.
    Please get back if any further quries.
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    Hi Rakesh,
    Even i am gettign the "could not load the library <db2cli.dll>" error message .I tried to locate your earlier post but couldnt find it. could you kindly send me the url for the same .