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    Configuring new web-application to existing app server

      I need help in configuring a new web-application into an existing app server with an application.
      I'm running my application on Iplanet 6.0 SP 9. And now I want to configure a new Struts based application along with the existing one. The issue/challenge I'm facing is the old app is configured using server.xml inside the web server's conf folder as following:
      <SERVER legacyls="ls1" qosactive="no" qosmetricsinterval="30" qosrecomputeinterval="100" >
      <VARS accesslog="/usr/iplanet/servers/https-abc.xyz.com/logs/access"/>
      <LS id="ls1" ip="" port="8080" security="off" acceptorthreads="1">
      <CONNECTIONGROUP id="group1" matchingip="default" servername="abc.xyz.COM" defaultvs="https-abc.xyz.COM">

      <MIME id="mime1" file="mime.types"/>
      <ACLFILE id="acl1" file="/usr/iplanet/servers/httpacl/generated.https-abc.xyz.COM.acl"/>
      <VSCLASS id="defaultclass" objectfile="obj.conf" rootobject="default" acceptlanguage="off">
      <VARS docroot="/usr/iplanet/servers/docs" user="" group="" chroot="" dir="" nice=""/>
      <VS id="https-abc.xyz.COM" connections="group1" urlhosts="abc.xyz.COM" aclids="acl1" mime="mime1">
      <VARS docroot="/usr/sample/xyz/abc/web" webapps_file="web-apps.xml" webapps_enable="off"/>
      <USERDB id="default" database="default"/>

      I would like to add one more docroot to this entry and the url pattern for the new web applicaiton should be abc.xyz.com/struts. Since we have turned off web-apps.xml, configuring the new web app there is ruled out.

      Kindly help me as I'm new to Iplanet configuration.

      Thanks in advance