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    LDAP Authentication failed during installation

      I've tried to install iAS6.0SP3 on my solaris. However, I received this message during the installation.

      [slapd-sitserver]: [18/Mar/2002:15:13:27 +0800] - slapd started.
      Your new directory server has been started.
      Created new Directory Server
      Start Slapd Starting Slapd server configuration.
      ERROR: Ldap authentication failed for url ldap://sitserver.sitsvr:389/o=NetscapeRoot user id admin (151:Unknown error.)
      Fatal Slapd Did not add Directory Server information to Configuration Server.
      Warning Slapd Could not populate with ldif file Yes error code 151
      ERROR. Failure installing iPlanet Directory Server. Do you want to continue [n]?

      Someone has ask this before but the solution didnt help.
      Does the message means directory service was install correctly?

      I've the hostname and domainname configured for the system. hostname-"sitserver" domainname-"sitsvr". It shouldnt be the problem here.
      I used Root account for login and use 389 for idap port. I did everything but the result was the same.
      Please help. Thank you.