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    Solaris 9 and Sun ONE 6.1 SP 5 socket issues...

      We have recently migrated to Solaris 9 environment with Sun ONE 6.1 SP5 webserver (previously using Solaris 8 with Sun ONE 6.0).

      My problem is this that I have our product installed on Sun ONE webserver and every day I need to restart the virtual server running the application. Once the webserver has started and I do the
      netstat -a |grep "port" I see that the status for that particular socket is "LISTEN". Now after a while like the next day or something if I try to access the application through my browser I notice that I'm not able to go to application and when I do netstat -a: grep "port" there are two entries now one with "LISTEN" and the other with "ESTABLISHED" status. The request eventually times out.

      Anyone has a clue what could be going wrong..