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    Big Problems (for me)

      Hello everybody,
      First of all, I must apologize for my poor english.
      I'm developing an struts application and I'm running it on Tomcat and Sun One 7 Application Server. The company where I have to run the application, works with sun one (iplanet) 6.0 Application Server sp8. I am not able to downlad this version so I don't know if struts runs on this server.
      I do not even know if struts works correctly on this application server. Can anyone help me with some documentation, or deployment descriptor example, or just with his testimony...?

      I've downloaded 6.5 version but when I try to install, it asks me for a license key. Does anybody know where can I get this license key.

      Thank you very much, I'm desperated
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          Hi Igor,

          Application Server 6.5 is also an extremely old product and is already at End of LIfe since 2004, so you should advise your company to consider upgrading to a newer version of App Server where they will be able to receive full support.

          You can find information about the latest app servers at:

          Hope this helps
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            Hello again,

            Thank you for your help. I've talked to the company where I must install the application, and they've said that, in such a a big company, the changes must follow some steps in order to mantain the balance. In other words, they've told me to forget about the option of migrating the application server.
            And they can't leave me the server, so, the only solution is jumping into the river!!! jej je I'm joking

            I will continue searching for the Sun One application server 6.0.

            Thank you for your interest and your help,