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      I have a java bean I would like to import into a JSP. I have placed the class file under WEB-INF folder under my application(audit). My JSPs are in C:\Sun\WebServer6.1\docs\audit directory and class file is in C:\Sun\WebServer6.1\docs\audit\WEB-INF. I'm able to display JSPs with no problem but when I try to import class file that�s in WEB-INF error message saying, class doesn't exist is logged into log file and Page Can't be displayes is shown on the browser.
      Please help me in how to set the class path. I have trouble displaying Servlet as well. I thing both the servlet and java bean has similar problem
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          For help with this I would recommend a book called "More Servlets and Java Server Pages". It has step by step instructions from setting up the application server to referencing beans such as this.

          For example one tip they reccomend is ALWAYS placing beans in a package. This makes it easier to reference in various places in your application.