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    Web Server should display customed message in Iplanet

      Sir ,

      My Requirement is when i stop the Appserver in Iplanet it should display customed message that Server is down for so and so hours.
      Iam running Iplanet Webserver4.1Version and Application server6.3 in SunSolaris Server.
      I have done the following things even it does not working , pls see below

      1.Opened ./kregedit from IAS install directory(/ias/bin).
      2.Browsed /Software/iplanet/Applicationserver/6.0/CCSO/HTTPAPI and found it is empty,
      so i created one file named NoRespPage Value given as /iASDownPage.html and typed String (cheaked case sentive words it is correct) and
      copied the /iASDownPage.html file in /home2/iplanet/netscape/server4/docs/iASDownPage.html and restarted the Webserver.

      Note:Under HTTPAPI we found this folder was empty and i also i tried by creating another file named testfle and value given and /down.html and typed string even this
      was not working.

      After restarting the webserver after doing the necessary things (i.e) When webserver is running and Application server is down it is showing default message like
      iAS server is down or stopped check the setting.This is the default messages is it possible to edit this file and put our customed message.

      Pls help me in this regard,its very very urgent.

      Note: When i assined duke dollers i found page can not be refresed this problem i found repeatedly even after cleaning the temp and cache in IE.