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    parsing .xls(excel) file and creating a .xdat(xml) file out of it

      Hi All,

      need some tips on a task i am trying accomplish for some days now.

      I have a excel file, in which I have 10 columns with 40-50 rows of data.

      I have a xml structure in mind, in which I want to put all these data from excel file. But till now I haven't understood exactly how I should go about it step by step.

      Should I first parse the excel file and save each row (with the column names) in a list, and then read through each row and insert them in the xml format i have planned?

      And how do I open a .xdat data and tell my program to insert the data in the sequence of sets I want them to be saved?

      I know it's a pretty newbie question ... but will appreciate any help and tips provided. Would help me a lot to learn this new type of task.

      Thank you.

      with best regards,