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    Detecting File Type

      I need to detect file type or format such as whether a file is PDF/JPEG/DOC or what else. Is it possible to get the meta information from a file? PLease help me in this regard. Thanks everybody.
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          The only way to determine for sure that a given file is, for example, a valid PDF file, is to try to read the entire file into a PDF parser.

          On Windows, the convention is that the file type is indicated by the file extension, but there are no guarantees. I can rename a Word doc to .txt, and it's still a Word doc, and I can rename a text file to .txt and it's still just a text file.

          On Linux, file types are typically determined by reading the first N bytes of a file, and if they meet certain patterns, assuming the file is a particular type, and if they're all printable, then assuming it's a text file, or something like that.

          You could google for an existing third party file type detection library, or, if you want to write your own, you can define your own rules, since there really is no standard, hard and fast way to do it.
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            Thanks jverd. Ya i need to know from inside not from the extension. Ok I am googling. thanks.
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              Shazzad wrote:
              Ya i need to know from inside not from the extension.
              Yup - as an example; wearing a dress doesn't make me a girl, no?
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                There are tricky file types.

                There is one which is a piece of C code, so it is as textual as can be, but it still represents data: an image.