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    (Final) primitive used inside anonymous block

      I found a strange behavior when I use primitive variable inside the anonymous code.
      public class Test {
           private Runnable printer;
           public void print(final int i){
                if (printer == null){
                     printer = new Runnable() {
                          public void run() {
                new Thread(printer).run();
           public static final void main(String[] aregs){
                Test t = new Test();
                for (int i = 0; i <10 ; i++){
      It is always printing 0!!
      It keeps the first value of the variable when I make the printer as member! I know that the variable [i] is marked as final,*
      But even though; (final) makes sure that this parameter will not change, so logically it should print [i] according to the passed value, am I right? Can somebody explain?