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    Workflow Builder download


      I want to install Workflow builder at home for practise.
      From where, I can download stand alone version?

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          Hi, Workflow builder comes in the Oracle Client CD. If you want to install only this product you can make a custom installation to select just this product.

          You can download it from http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/database/oracle10g/index.html

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            What if users downloaded this from the Oracle site? How do they download this tool? The majority of people on this site download all the Oracle tools they use because they are developers doing a POC and haven't purchased the Oracle products because they are testing to see if it meets their needs. Don't always assume that we'll "have the cd".

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              Yes you are right with this, but Oracle has other mentality about testing software (Oracle trust in the customer). You can download every oracle software from the website and try it indefinitely as you want wherever you were.
              The heavy customers from Oracle are goverment enterprises, manufacturing, finance, Petols, etc.
              If these kind of enterprise doesnt pay the licence of Oracle, will be in big problems with the laws.

              But if a corner coffee shop or the "Pepitos" market use Oracle illegaly, do you think that the value of this licence will representate to Oracle? NO!!.

              Any way, anyone is free to use the Oracle Technology software for testing reasons. If you cant download this software, call to Oracle in your country and they will borrow you the software with no problem.

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                The software bundle that is on the client CD is the same as what is available for download from OTN through the link mentioned in a previous post. It isn't necessary to have the physical CD. The key information is that the Workflow Builder is available as part of the database client software bundle, so that's what to look for when you're choosing what to download.
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                  I wouldn't say by calling Oracle they would let me borrow the software, they would tell me it's available on the website. You guys advertise that Oracle's support while developing is "free" as well, but anytime I've tried this I end up wasting valuable time with someone who doesn't even try to help or says they'll give me a call back and they don't. Guess that part of support only comes with paying customers.... And why would I want a salesperson calling me every few weeks pressuring me to buy a license? For Workflow Builder, why would I want to download a 100+ MB file, when I only want one small piece of it?