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    Extract data from the text file

       a- prefix 7ME, fr. OE a-, an, on8  1 : on : in : at 9abed: 9afoot:
      9asunder: ; sometimes used in dialect speech in locutions
      not found in standard 9he did it a-purpose:  2 : in <such= a
      state or condition 9afire: 9asleep: ; often used with with
      9acrawl with ants:  3 : in <such= a manner 9aloud:  4 : in the
      act of : in the process of 9daddy>s gone a-hunting: 9months
      later the ship was still a-building:
      Hello guys,

      Is there any way in which I can extract some data from the above dataset? Say if I want to extract 'later the ship was still a-building' or Or 'daddy’s gone a-hunting'?

      Any idea will be appreciated.
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