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    how to read/unzip a specific file within a zip file

      I have a file within a zip file that contains a timestamp - I want to read this timestamp and then create a destination directory for the remaining zip files to be unzipped into. Since I know the name of the file with the timestamp in it I thought I could create a zipfile and use getEntry to get the entry but then other than getting the size and name of the file I can't do much more with it like read it unless I use a stream (zipinputstream) instead of a file (zipfile) - do I have this right?
      Does this mean to get the content I would have to loop through possibly all the files using the stream until I come across the one I want - then get the timestamp and loop through them all again to write them to the destination directory? Or am I reading this wrong - seems a bit round about.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.