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        Darryl.Burke wrote:
        Thank you Malcolm.
        once you have a functional GUI there no longer a "main thread" worthy of the name
        That's why I was curious how you ...
        make it wait until the main window is closed and have it do the clean up
        thanks, Darryl
        Well, it's easy enough to do. Once it's openned the main window the initial thread can just be made to wait on a suitable monitor until the main window is closed. The windowClosed event can kick the monitor. This is, in some ways, neat because initialization and de-initialization is then in the same place method, when you add a bit of initialization the place to add the coreponding de-initialization is in the same place. I've tried it a time or two, but I haven't decided if it's worth the effort.
        • 16. Re: Thread.sleep(int millis) makes it transparent?
          Thanks again Malcolm. I guess I'll have to play with that in code before I really understand it.

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