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    running script in SQL PLUS(UTF-8 encoding)

      Hi all,
      i wanna run an script in SQL PLUS that some of its data (that i want to insert to table)are in UTF-8 encoding,
      and when i wanna run it,
      it unknown command beginning "i>>?create t..."- rest of line ignored

      but when i run this script with usuall format data(not UTF-8 encoding)it work properly.

      what can i do?
      can u help me????

      thanks a lot

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          You will need to perform 3 checks to resolve this:

          1. Ensure that your script really is in UTF-8
          2. Ensure that your client NLS_LANG environment variable character set is AL32UTF8 (e.g. American_America.AL32UTF8)
          3. Ensure that your database character set includes support for those UTF-8 characters in your script.

          One of the above will be the cause of the issue you are facing.