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    generate xml-rpc request using xsd

      Hi All,
      I have one xsd file . I want to generate xml-rpc request file using this xsd file. If any body have any tools for that , can you please share this name with me. It's great help for me...

      Thank You,
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          That's an interesting question. I thought it would be obvious that xmlbeans or "normal" xml-rpc packages would handle this.

          It turns out this doesn't seem to be true.

          Are you saying that you're trying to pass an object to a method and you want to deserialize the object into a java object of a type that is defined via an XSD? If this is the case you can use xmlbeans to do the xsd<->java mapping, then use just about any xml-rpc service to do the actual RPC mechanism.

          It's interesting that these two technologies haven't converged though...
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            Got me beat... I was thinking XML beans... even had a quick dig into the manual... thanx for confirning that it won't work.

            Yes, an interesting question... I've gotta wonder why the "obvious convergence" hasn't occurred. Is there something fundamentally more difficult about creating a java definition for a request/response argument as apposed the whole document from XSD? I really can't imagine so. Hmm.