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    Strange problem: ORA-01403: no data found when report has a sort

      I have a report which behaves very strangely but only for one particular user. The report runs fine when no columns are set as sort-by in the report attributes. As soon as I try and set a column to sort (any column, it doesn't matter) this user gets the error message:
      failed to parse SQL query:
      ORA-01403: no data found
      appear where the report should be on the page. The rest of the page displays OK. No other users are affected. If I remove the sort then the report is OK for this user (unsorted though!)
      The report is a structured query with custom column headings, nothing unusual, quite basic. I have tried exporting and reimporting the page but it doesn't fix it. Same behaviour for this particular page in our test system as well.
      I could rebuild the page but I'd rather know what is wrong in case it happens to some other region.