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    Java Date Format

      Hi all,

      I find a mismatch in the date format set in my laptop and the DateFormat API. I have set the Locale as Uzbek(Cyrillic) with the date format as dd.MM.yyyy in my laptop and started my java program to get the dateformat using the following API -
      DateFormat dateFormatter = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT, Locale.getDefault());
      return dateFormatter.format(date);

      When I run the above code, the date gets displayed as mm/dd/yy format.

      Please let me know where the mistake is and why there is a mismatch in the format getting displayed.

      Thanks in advance!!
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          Taken from the API doc.:

          +The exact result depends on the locale, but generally:+

          +<LI>SHORT is completely numeric, such as 12.13.52 or 3:30pm</LI>+

          Why did you expect a different behavior?
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            What do you get if you use this form?
            (Gets the date formatter with the given formatting style for the default locale.)

            Also, what do these return?
            Locale.getDefault ().getDisplayCountry ()
            Locale.getDefault ().getDisplayLanguage()
            Locale.getDefault ().getDisplayName()