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    Could not find main class. Program will now exit. *SIGH*.....

      At first I thought it was just my own programs that I created with netbeans that had this problem; however, even the demo programs under the sdk folder give me this problem when i try to run them. Virtual Machine Loader will just come up with pop up saying "Could not find the main class. Program will not exit"

      I am a fairly competent programmer, not new to java. But I am new to guis in java, and using netbeans to create them. The program I am creating gives me this error with javaw and with java it will tell me NoClassDef for grouplayout. I checked the manifest file it looks alright:

      Manifest-Version: 1.0
      Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.7.0
      Created-By: 10.0-b19 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
      Main-Class: desktopapplication2.DesktopApplication2
      Class-Path: lib/appframework-1.0.3.jar lib/swing-worker-1.1.jar lib/swing-layout-1.0.1.jar lib/ant-swing.jar lib/SwingSet2.jar lib/swing-layout-1.0.3.jar
      X-COMMENT: Main-Class will be added automatically by build

      }(brackets not included)

      I am sort of lost.... Do I need to install ant separately?
      I feel like there may be some classpath issues?
      I have java 1.6 update 4 and netbeans 6.0

      I am completely lost I have been working on fixing this for the past 2 or 3 days now, and reading up all the information.
      Note: This is just a standard desktop application.

      Also I just thought of something. If I have install the development kit do I also need to install the framework or whatever for 6.0 separately? Meaning installing the latest version of jvm. Sorry if this isn't clear i forgot what it is called.

      Sorry if this sounds like a beginner question or something, but I am going crazy. If i am having this much trouble running my own program i really hope distributing files won't be this much of a nightmare....