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    DOM Traversal and API documentation (missing?)

      Dear Community,

      I recently dived into the world of XML. So far I have done some reading and try-outs. What I am wondering about now is:

      Why are there packages for org.w3c.dom.html or events or ls or traversal etc given to me when I am importing them in eclipse that are not given in the API specifications?

      For instance. I wanted to try some stuff with the traversal Module of DOM. Therefore I have to import org.w3c.dom.traversal.*

      Well, this works fine. I was able to play around with some examples. But when I tried to find this package in the API specifications, I didn't find it. There were evens and ls etc...but traversal didn't show up!

      So, is there a reason that some packages with their interfaces are documented and others are not? And why are there packages available when they are not documented, at all? Yes, I know. I could got to w3c.org and have a look there since this is will give me all the infos I need. But, frankly, I don't understand it. If one would argument this way, then why put in the w3c package at all?

      But maybe there is a reason for this which I am not aware of. Or is there any extra API available compareable to the APIs for JSP or Java Servlets? These are extra packages and, of course, extra technologies since one needs Tomcat etc...

      So, maybe someone here could enlighten me? :-)

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          Not all classes are necessarily documented. For example sometimes the interface is documented, and the implementations are not, for a variety of reasons but largely because you're supposed to work with the interface only.

          However in this case, I'm guessing that you're using an added library, and you're looking at the documentation for something else.