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    java.util.zip.ZipFile.entries() shows only 99 files but zip file is fine.


      I have a wierd issue with java.util.zip.ZipFile

      Code as simple as

      ZipFile file = new ZipFile("my.zip") ;

      For this particular zip file, it says 99 files found but the zip contains more than 60,000 files. I tried the zip with unzip and zip utilities and the zip file checks out fine. I even tried to unzip the contents, and zip 'em up all over again, just to eliminate the chances of corruption while the zip was being transferred over the network.

      The same program works fine with another zip containing more or less the same number of files and prints 63730.

      Any idea? This can not possibly be related to the type of files the zips contain? right? In any case, the contents of both zips are text/xml files.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.