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    How to Install 11.5.10 on Win XP

      Since most of the posting on this forum is about Oracle Apps installation problems , I decided to share with you how I installed 11.5.10 on XP – first time, with no errors!

      It’s frustrating to begin with, but the trick is to do it step by step making sure you get one step right before going on to the next . I found that if you miss one step or get it wrong the whole thing goes wrong – more important – do not proceed with the installation if you get any error on the rapid wiz validation – make sure you deal with any errors and you get all ‘green checks/ticks’ . I’d say it you do this and if you remember to do point 8 below – you should get a ‘perfect’ install - first time, no disk formatting etc.

      The whole thing took about 6 hours – about 2 for the prep and about 4 for the actual install to run.

      Ok, here goes – first my environment. I actually installed it on my ‘low spec’ laptop – Win XP, 80 GB, Intel Celeron CPU 2.80 GHz, 1 GB RAM , so it should work on anything with a higher spec.

      Prep: Stage the CDs. One change with 11.5.10 worth mentioning is that Oracle in their wisdom has made the CD staging easier. The CD are now DVDs and if you download Active perl from perl.com , you should find that most of the staging are done for you – all you need to do is pop in the cds when it asks for it.

      Here are the steps –

      1. I installed MKS toolkit . Make sure your installed directory is C:\MKS

      2. I installed VC++ 6 from Microsoft Visual Studio CD to c:\MVS . Make sure the other defaults to C:\VC98 – this is important! After installing, I then copied the link.exe file from the C:\VC98\Bin folder to c:\winnt\system32 folder .

      3. I downloaded make-3.79.1. Extracted it to C:\. You should now have a c:\ make-3.79.1 folder. Look in this folder for the build_w32.bat file …double click on it and it should run for about a minute. You might have to do this twice for it to work .( At one point it was looking for
      link.exe – see point 2 above , you might want to restart your machine).
      If it runs successfully , look in the WinRel folder for gnumake.exe and copy it to c:\MKS\mksnt folder

      4. I downloaded jdk1.3.1_09 from http://java.sun.com
      Installed it to c:\jdk13 . Make sure there is no "." in the directory name . I also Set Classpath = .; in the environment variable and also added the c:\jdk13\bin to the PATH variable.

      5. I made an entry lacalhost.streed.com. Just opened c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file , and copied the ‘ localhost ‘ line , pasted below it and added the. streed.com to the second line like this localhost localhost.streed.com

      6. Go to Network - > Local Area Connection -> right click Properties -> click TCP/IP properties -> advanced -> click DNS tab -> enter DNS suffix for this connection as your domain (streed.com)

      7. I ran rapidwiz , used all the settings generated above, make sure you change the c:\mksnt to c:\mks\mksnt .Also , it you install on a 80gb laptop like I did , you might have to go for Prod and not Vis because of file space .

      8. VERY IMPORTANT! DON’T FORGET TO DO THIS!!! - During Step 4 of 5 , go to the jserv.properties file and change the "wrapper.bin" to whatever it is to wrapper.bin =c:\jdk13\jre\bin\java.exe !!!!

      This is what I did to get a ‘perfect’ install – no errors during or after the installation . If I’ve missed anything here take a look at other posts on this forum for 11.5.9 . It’s exactly the same for 11.5.10 .

      Hope this helps!

      Steve Reed
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