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    remoteagent.GenericRequest cannot be cast to remoteagent.ModifyObjectReques

      i am using JRC for exporting Reports of Crystal Reports X!,
      while exporting a report with SubReport, i am getting the below.

      can any one help regarding this.
      plz, i am in badly need of solution for this.

      thanks in advance to the helpers and all

      the below is the error wat i got whn i am running from Eclipse 3.2

      com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.report.lib.ReportSDKException: com.crystaldecisions.proxy.remoteagent.GenericRequest cannot be cast to com.crystaldecisions.proxy.remoteagent.ModifyObjectRequest---- Error code:-2147467259 Error code name:failed
           at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.report.application.PrintOutputController.export(Unknown Source)
           at com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.report.application.PrintOutputController.export(Unknown Source)
           at com.crystaldecisions.reports.sdk.PrintOutputController.export(Unknown Source)
           at AI.CrystalReport.javasrc.TestClass.<init>(TestClass.java:462)
           at AI.CrystalReport.javasrc.TestClass.main(TestClass.java:1200)

      plz help out me