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      • 15. Re: static method and exception
        thats the point it is printing false

        but when if statemnt is true then it is deleting file
        and giving status true
        but if it is true you are not calling the delete file method. You are not making any sense.
        • 16. Re: static method and exception
          theoritciaaly it should delete.
          even i chekd the filename before using this delete.it
          is correct
          What do you mean you checked the filename?

          deletefile is staticmethod in same class which
          executes when if statemnt is true.
          The call is in the else block it will not execute if the statement is true (unless you are calling it somewhere else).

          Also, it obviously is working if you see "false". Which means there is something preventing it from being deleted. I think you need to close the file first. Maybe? Either way the method is being called before the exception is thrown.
          • 17. Re: static method and exception
            for true dele method is called from another file.for false i need to setup things
            boolean dele = classname.dele(fil)
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