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    Jar files to app files

      Okay, I have a large program that consists of jar files, some pictures and a few other things. I have been searching the web for a tutorial on making this into an executable .app file for a mac. Can someone help me with this? Thanks
      David Beer
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          Jars run fine on Macs without modification. What's the problem?
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            I am trying to put it in a format dowloadable on the internet. Sorry, I should have specified that.
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              jar files, like any other file can be downloaded from the intarweb, no?
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                Does webstart work with macs?
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                  My program is consists of more than one jar file and then a few other files with that. I would like to put them together into a .app file. make that a .dmg file, and then place that on the website so that it is available for download. I know how to make a .app a .dmg file, that is not a problem. I am not sure of how to take my jar files (and the others) and make them a single .app. Does anyone know how to help me do that? Please don't try to talk me out of doing it.
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                    Please don't try to talk me out of doing it.
                    What if its not possible?
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                      I'm sorry, it appears that I have made a mistake. What I want to do is take the class files (along with the picture and other files) and put them into a .app file to be downloaded. I'm sorry for the confusion, this is probably all my fault. If anyone knows how to do that (something I'm fairly certain is possible, because the person who worked here before me did it) I would appreciate your help. Is the way to do it to jar all of the files together?
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                        This article discusses using Ant tasks to create an mac application
                        bundle: http://today.java.net/pub/a/today/2004/01/05/swing.html
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                          So I have a working jar file that I can double click on and execute in windows and I can run from the command line in linux or windows, but for macintosh I can neither run from the command-line nor execute by double clicking. I don't know why this is. My program runs multiple jar files, that is the way it is constructed. Could that be why it doesn't execute on the mac? Any advice? pbrockway's post helped, but I can't do it without an executable jar file.

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                            Sorry, I have no experience with OSX - but I find it curious that an
                            application that runs OK with linux should have a problem on a mac.
                            Isn't OSX a species of *nix?

                            You say that "it doesn't execute on the mac". What command did you
                            use and what did happen?

                            Perhaps you could construct a small example that shows this
                            executes on linux but not on mac behaviour - barely more than
                            "Hello World" but using a couple of .jar files. The manifest entries
                            of the .jar files are important as are the location and permissions
                            of the files themselves.
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                              pbrockway thanks for taking an interest in this. I find it strange as well, because OSX is a species of 'nix' as you said. I tried a few different commands, and they all produced the same run-time error. I typed java -jar Boltzmann.jar, then I tried java -jar -Djava.library.path=./ Boltzmann.jar, and it also produced a long list of run-time errors. I'm double-checking if all the files are included, but I copied the same folder over from the network...we'll see
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                                alright so I am working with these jar files and I am using a library, namely the jogl.jar library. On macintosh it generates the UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jogl in java.library.path, even though I type at the command line: java -jar -Djava.library.path=./ JarName.jar. as the jogl.jar file is in the same directory. Is there some different way to specify a library on a mac? Please help