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    Playback vector testbench for entire OpenSparc-T1 setup

      Hi ,

      I was able to get the RTL running with the vector testbench provided in the OpenSparc DV userguide at sparc core level. But i find that cycles per sec are too high due to small size of the core and lower event activity.

      I want to increase the size of the design , so wanted to know if we have playback testbench generator available for OpenSPARCT1 level so that i can dump the stimuli files and run them.

      Note that i do not want to use original testbench and want to use only playback selfchecking test-bench as in case of thread1 setup provided in the userguide.

      As per what i see the playback_dump and playback_driver files provided in the documentation can be used to dump stimuli only for 1 sparc core ( thread1 ) setup

      Please help me out with this.