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    What is the best Path for a J2EE developer with oracle?


      I am a J2EE developer, for the time being I work at a Commercial Bank as an enterprise application developer. I have learnt java when I was following a local IT diploma and with the help of books, works at my working place and the internet , today I am developing J2EE applications with JSP,Servlets,JSF2.0,EJB3.0 and third party JSF libraries etc. (I am also developing softwares using other programing languages such as Asp.net, C#.net, WPF etc, but I prefer to be in the java path). Other than that, I'm also working as the UI designer of most of our applications.

      I have those skills and practice after working for 4 years as a web/enterprise application developer & a UI designer, but now I have to focus on some paper qualifications and hence I am doing BCS.

      Now I want to be a java professional in Oracle's path, and I need to know what is the best path I can select to move with Oracle. I finished my classes of SCJP , but didn't do the exams as there were some rumors that Oracle will dump those exams in the future. I am interested in Oracle university, but I am unable to even think about it as I live in Sri Lanka and don't have that much of financial wealth to go USA and join.

      So I really appreciate if any Oracle professional could suggest me the best educational path according to what I mentioned about my technical and career background. Because I have a dream to join Oracle one day as an employee and being a good contributer to the same forum, which I am getting helps today!