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    Displaying images in the JavaHelp Viewer

      I have developed a small help system which works, but images are not displayed in the JavaHelp viewer. They are displayed when I load the .html file into a browser.

      All images are collected into an .images file, and are referenced there. The Map entries for each image resembles the Map entries in the sample, but I believe that none of the images within that directory are being displayed by the javahelp system.

      Directory layout in eclipse is:
      &brvbar; &brvbar;
      &brvbar; +-images
      &brvbar; &brvbar;
      &brvbar; +-prj.hs
      &brvbar; &brvbar;
      &brvbar; +-prj.html
      &brvbar; &brvbar;
      &brvbar; +-prjMap.jhm
      &brvbar; &brvbar;
      &brvbar; +-prjTOC.xml
      &brvbar; &brvbar;
      Sample image declaration from Map file: <mapID target="SuccessWin1"

      When executing in the eclipse IDE, I copy all friles from the help directory to the bin directory so it is in the classpath. When building the .jar, all files from help, and images are placed directly at the first level of the jar so that the '...="images/..."' reference in the Map will succeed. Yet it does not.

      Many thanks for any suggestions.