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    Integration SAP - FDM: Out of memory: CreateObject("SAP.Functions")

      Hi, i am making an integration script in order to import data from SAP to FDM. SAP, FDM and HFM are in different servers.

      The script is working fine through the Workbench, i can connect and get data from SAP.

      The problem is when i assign the FDM import format to this script. I get an error which says:

      Error: An error occurred importing the file.
      Detail: Out of memory: 'CreateObject'

      The code line is:      Set R3 = CreateObject("SAP.Functions")

      I have tried to reinstall some libraries, such as: librfc32.dll, wdtfuncs.ocx, wdtlog.ocx but nothing changed.

      Please i need some help, i m in hurry, does anybody know what can be wrong??

      Thanks in advance.