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    each cell Navigation/drill down

      INPUT METHODS--------     REJECTED---------------ACCEPTED
      A--------------------------------- 12-------------------------34
      B--------------------------------- 16-------------------------21
      C--------------------------------- 10-------------------------4
      D--------------------------------- 1--------------------------18

      Each cell has to provide drilldown option. These Rejected/Accepted values are dynamically counted from database.IF the user clicks on a particular Rejected value (eg. 12 or 16), I need to list those 12 or 16 records breakup for each cell .

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          Create an Hierarchy where the Input method value be the parent level set the dimensional value as the logical level key and then set the Rejected and accepted as the child level in the same level and define accepted and rejected both as logical key in the same level

          Check the drilldown box

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            This you can achieve by providing value based interaction which is in the column properties. For this you need to have another detail level report with the same filters which your current report is having so that values will be passed from current report to detail level report.