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        And thanks also for the guide, i got it worked on Linux:D
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          I'm glad that you can run on Linux!
          Now about the autorun thing i don't have a clue but i think first you need to know how to make an autorun file.I think there's a lot of tool to make an autorun usb drive.
          Anyway i don't think that you'r file should be compiled again.But certainly you need to run the compilled java file with one of the above commands.

          I think if you make a deep search with google you find a lot of info about how to make a autorun file and from now on it's just a matter of caling the java interpreter.

          Here's some links:
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            Thanks fioan:D
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              Im running a program which gives me cpu information. This class is used by two applications which are deployed in a same jboss instance. So when i try to start the JBoss im getting an error while starting up of the second application saying unsatisfiedLinkError, sigar-x86-winnt.dll loaded in another class loader..
              So can anyone please help me out in this.??
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                Welcome to the forum. Please don't post in threads that are long dead and don't hijack other threads. When you have a question, start your own topic. Feel free to provide a link to an old post that may be relevant to your problem.

                I'm locking this thread now.
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