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    mirror zfs root in OS Profile

      I want to zfs mirror my root volume during install. I don't see an option in Ops Center 2.5 to do this. Does it require a post action script? If so, does anyone have one to share?

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          We use our old JET template to accomplish that, and other features not availabel using the BUI.
          I guess, in the OS Profiles, you can try to check the "Specify JET Parameters" checkbox and on the next screen add the parameters you need.
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            use this jet variables..
            base_config_profile_zfs_disk="c1t0d0s0 c1t1d0s0"

            Mirror an separate dataset for /var.

            Normally I'll use create a profile through import JET template.

            And specify all I'll need.

            Hans Foertsch