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    Worklist Custom Escaltion issue


      I am trying to implement the Custom escaltion function and create a class named EscalateToUser in the package com.test that implements the IDynamicTaskEscalationFunction interface. I packaged it in a Jar file and follow the documentation:

      - Log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console.
      - Expand the SOA folder in the navigator.
      - Right-click soa-infra, and select SOA Administration > Workflow Task Service Properties.
      - The Workflow Task Service Properties page appears.

      - Add a new function. For example:

      - Function name: CUSTOM_ESCALADE (my function)
      - Classpath: com.test.EscalateToUser
      - Function parameter name
      - Function parameter value

      - In the Custom Escalation Java Class field of the Deadlines section, enter the function name as defined in the Workflow Task Service Properties page for the escalation rule. => i set CUSTOM_ESCALADE

      I also add the path to my jar (/home/orasoa/CustomEscaltionRule.jar in the Workflow custom classpath URL field AND in the SCA-INF/lib of my composite but I get the followin error at runtime

      and another one in (french sorry) telling that my class cannot be found
      Could not construct workflow custom classloader using URL: /home/orasoa/CutomsEscalationRule.jar due to exception no protocol: /home/orasoa/CutomEscalationRule.jar

      What is wrong?

      I really need this fucture for customer

      Thanks for your help

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          Were you able to resolve this error? I am trying to implement custom escalation in OIM11g through BPEL and I am getting the same error:

          "Could not construct workflow custom classloader using URL due to exception no protocol"

          I have placed the jar file in SCA-INF/lib folder of the project and in an external folder also and have given the path of that folder in WorkflowCustomClasspathURL.

          I have followed all the other steps as well.

          Help would be appreciated.