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    Siebel Business Service - Manipulation from Java

      Is it possible to get a list of siebel business services using Java code? Is it possible to invoke a siebel business service from Java?
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          Robert Ponder

          Yes you can call a Siebel BS from Java.

          Several ways to do this. See the bookshelf for details.

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            The Bus Comp that Business Services are listed under is 'Repository Business Service'
            Using Java you can create (or connect) to a Siebel instance and execute a query to pull back all of the Business Services based on that Bus Comp.

            Look in Siebel Tools Help under : Siebel Object Interfaces Reference > Interfaces Reference > Application Methods > Attach Method for a code example of using Java to connect to Siebel.

            Information about which methods are usable in Java (for the Java Data Bean interface) is located in Tools help at:
            Siebel Object Interfaces Reference > Java Data Bean Quick Reference >