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    PeopleSoft BIIVC000 as a Recurring Job

      I have tried batching our billing jobs and setting it to recur nightly....however this job BIIVC000 (preprocess) which finalizes the bill, by calling Taxware and assigning the invoice date etc....will not recur. By that I mean it will not process data on day 2 etc. It is forcing us to set it up daily. Has anyone out there been able to get this job to recur successfully. I would like to batch it with OMBILL, Currency Conversion etc...but would be okay if it had to run separately...if it will just run!
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          There should not be any problem in setting it to recur daily.
          1. Create a job definition with all the process that you would like to run daily
          2. Create a Recurrence definition with what time and days you want this job to run
          3. Create a Schedule JobSet definition for the job you created in 1 and assign the recurrence definition that you created in 2.

          We have bunch of billing jobs that run daily.

          Jayaprakash Tedla