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      Hi :)

      I have the following data_files info list in our PROD database:
      select file_name,tablespace_name,bytes/1024,AUTOEXTENSIBLE,status from dba_data_files order by tablespace_name;
      /uo1/oracle/oatrngdata/a_txn_data04.dbf  APPS_TS_TX_DATA                  11,888,640Kb YES AVAILABLE
      /uo1/oracle/oatrngdata/a_txn_data02.dbf  APPS_TS_TX_DATA                   1,283,840Kb YES AVAILABLE
      /uo1/oracle/oatrngdata/a_txn_data01.dbf  APPS_TS_TX_DATA                   1,481,600Kb YES AVAILABLE
      /uo1/oracle/oatrngdata/a_txn_data03.dbf  APPS_TS_TX_DATA                   1,202,560Kb YES AVAILABLE
      Note that data04.dbf is already 11G, I believe its autoextend on, but upto now I really do not know which data dictionary column tells that It was the active autoextended on data file, because I know all of them are set to autoextend on.

      I want data04.dbf to stop autoextending, and shift it to data03.dbf using:

      ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '/uo1/oracle/oatrngdata/a_txn_data04.dbf' AUTOEXTEND OFF;

      ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '/uo1/oracle/oatrngdata/a_txn_data03.dbf' AUTOEXTEND ON ( I think no need to do this one because they are all set to "autoextend on".

      Will this be okay? I planning that each data files will have a uniform size of 11g.
      My question is, since all the data files have been set to "AUTOEXTEND ON", if I turn off the data04.dbf,
      which of the 3 remaining will get activated then or will extend first?

      Thanks a lot for your kind assistance...

      Ms K