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    java.sun.com connection problem


      I can't build my project because build can't establish connection with java.sun.com:80.

      I have executed
      telnet java.sun.com 80
      on my local environment and on some US located servers.

      Sometimes telnet succeed, sometimes not.
      I have also tried http://network-tools.com/default.asp?prog=httphead&host=java.sun.com

      It seems this is global problem with java.sun.com server.

      Any ideas?
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          811913 wrote:
          I can't build my project because build can't establish connection with java.sun.com:80.
          Why do you need this site to build your project? Which resource on that site are you trying to access?
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            i have a similar problem: i cannot start my web-app due to this problem, the web-app-server (Jetty) hangs while parsing a taglib.tld file.

            The standard taglib definition includes this doctype-header:
            <!DOCTYPE taglib PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD JSP Tag Library 1.1//EN" "http://java.sun.com/j2ee/dtds/web-jsptaglibrary_1_1.dtd">

            Some XML-parsers try to download this dtd-file to validate the document. If they don't cancel after a timeout they will hang forever...
            This problem costs me some hours of debugging since it is not happening in my code but in an 3rd party project...
            Really nice if you want to update and restart a production-server... :(

            see also: Re: timeout recieved downloadinf java.sun.com DTDs files
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              I don't know the answer but I can make a wild guess and say that there's something going on or they are doing some work on them. I've tried to reload this page about 30 times over the last few days and it mostly fails. Sometimes it works though.

              I was following this exercise a few days ago, stopped about halfway through and the following day when I tried to get back to it, it wouldn't load. Not until the following day, and since then I've had problems switching PC's and restarting when going to work etc. So I dunno, there may be something wrong with the servers.
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                Downloading DTDs from external resources in a production environment is a terribly bad idea in the first place. Configure your server not to do that.
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                  I know. But can't fix it myself, since the webapplication-server scans all jars for META-INF/taglib.tlds and loads them... I contacted the server's mailinglist and hope they'll fix it.
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                    i'm the ownre of the thread Re: timeout recieved downloadinf java.sun.com DTDs files

                    We are talking with oracle support about it and the conclussions are:

                    - Oracle confirmed that, this is temporary issue, because the sun is in transition period, since it was taken over by Oracle.
                    - Oracle dont have a finish time estimation of this process
                    - Some work arrounds:
                    - delete Header DTDs (assuming your XML is well formmed)
                    - download DTDs locally and change your header XML and tlds

                    In my opinion, nothing of this work arround are good, because all of the need to open all JAR files and XML and work with them.

                    In order to "survive" during this process we do thw following work arround:

                    - we update our host file in our server and adding this line: java.sun.com
                    - we force to clear the DNS JVM cache adding the -Dsun.net.inetaddr.ttl=0 in the Enviorment JAVA launch

                    with this work arround, the AS try to access to localhost ip and faster returns a 404 not found code... and the AS runs ormally and faster.

                    We think that this issue is more important as could seem. More people works with JAR files downloaded and dont update it or open it for any reason!

                    thank you
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                      Thanks for answer.