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    MediaException: Cannot create DataSoruce for capture://audio on Samsung

      I'm writting midlet that captures audio on mobile.

      System.getProperty("supports.audio.capture");  - returns true

      Manager.getSupportedContentTypes("capture"); - returns "audio/amr"

      My mobile is Samsung SGH-G800 and according to its spec supports JSR-135, but on that:


      I get this exception:

      MediaException: Cannot create DataSoruce for: capture://audio?encoding=audio/amr

      I tried also "capture://audio", "capture://audio_video" and "capture://audio?encoding=pcm". Nothing.

      Any ideas why I get this exception?

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      Solved. I used media locator like this : "capture://audio/amr" unusual but works :) but now setRecordLimit(); :( Another problem to resolve.