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    Any Beehive feature equivalent to OCS categories/attributes?

      Does anyone know of anything in Beehive teamcollab/Workspaces that works like Categories and Attributes did in OCS? I'm aware of Tags being user-directed, but is there a way to provide a prompting or listing of "required" tags that can be used for all artifacts in a particular (or all) workspace?

      Thank you!
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          David White
          Hi Mark,

          If you look into Beekeeper you will see that you have the ability to create Enterprise wide categories which are made up of attributes that can be strings, date, boolean etc. You can then use beectl to assign one (or more) of these custom categories to a select folder in a team workspace, but as far as GUIs for users are concerned, there is nothing at the moment. My company is currently working with another Oracle Partner to see how to use the BDK to provide an interface to manage metadata on files stored in workspaces in a way not too far of we all know in OCS:
          - Assign categories to folders
          - Edit metadata values
          - Force users to input metadata
          - Use this metadata for, say, searching purposes.

          Stay tuned ;o)

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