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    Pluggable Mapping causing VLD 1600 validation error

      We are using OWB client 11g R2 on windows. I am trying to use the pluggable mapping functionality to use for our reference data lookups, whereby we want to retrieve full descriptions in several languages from the reference data table. The standalone mapping takes in two parameters in the input signature, both NVARCHAR2, a reference type and reference code to perform the lookup. There is then a key lookup whose output (5 NVARCHAR2 values) goes to an expression which has a CASE statement to evaluate the results before passing them to the output signature.

      The problem is when using the pluggable mapping in a normal mapping it does not validate, and I am getting the VLD-1600: Lookup Condition for Key Lookup REF_DATA_APEX is blank. error. The key lookup of course does have a Lookup Condition.

      The mapping is a simple one, taking a source and mostly mapping directly to the target. It is set based only. I have one source attribute being passed to the pluggable mapping along with a constant, and the output is passed to an expression (which doesn't actually do anything, but without this I got API8003 error when connecting the output attributes to the target attributes).

      Is there something I am missing in how to implement this feature ?