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    Intergration with CCA and OnDemand


      Ive began looking at intergrating CCA with OnDemand. I am going to complete this through the scripting section thus allowing users to select one of the three options:

      Press 1 - If you have your account number
      Press 2 - If you have your Service Request number

      The issue that im having is creating the URL for this to work corrected based on values from within the CRM and placing these in the CCA application. Has anyone got a URL that they have previously completed with this that i can use as a reference as i know once i see a working URL i will be able to customize our one to work with CCA.
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          Is this a premise version of CCA you are trying to integrate with CRM OnDemand? And you were wanting to use the CRM tab in COD to POST a URL into CRM?

          Could you provide a little more background?

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            Sorry.. I am trying to use the CRM tab and pass the information via the URL but i cant see how this is possible as Service Request, Account ect all have a different URL.

            I have been told to create a URL and pass the informationup to the "?" Basically i just want to see a URL on what someone else has done for this so that i can create the information. I have great understanding or CRM but learning CCA

            The version is CCA is based in the Cloud.
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              Below is some output that might help, although I'm not sure if this type of integration will work. It was tried a while back and was mostly unsuccessful. Although that was a long time ago and a lot has changed.

              I'm not sure if you are aware, but there is already an integrated client between Oracle's hosted verion of CCA (Contact On Demand) and CRM OnDemand that works pretty well. There might also be an opportunity for the Oracle Consulting team to be engaged.

              At any rate, this is a list of all the parameters passed in the URL. The pair you are intersted in is called 'Digits'. It's only called digits becuase that's what I named my variable in the GetDigits step of my campaign. It could be called anything you like (ServiceRequest, Account, etc).

              Each of these parameters would follow the ? in the URL and be separated by the & character.
              For instance: https://[yourdomain].com/index.html?companyId=101&faqId=-1& etc

              Parameter Value
              companyId 101
              faqId -1
              MCT 0
              firstName No Value
              workgroupId 50058
              ANI 1234567890
              imLastName null
              agentId 50018
              systemStartTime 1290120725
              extension No Value
              userName [MyUsername]
              DNIS [MyDNIS]
              uniqueId 1407998155541320
              sessionId d1c3f13f4cd30c2a5f16b88d5667804b6425970ac362a4749015794616a9d3c9
              contactId -1
              from [MyANI]
              imFirstName null
              offset 0
              scriptId -1
              interactionId 1407998155541320
              timezone No Value
              queueTime 6
              SYSWGNAME [WGName]
              state 1
              phoneNumber No Value
              systemOfferTime 1290120745
              agentLastName [Agent'sLastName]
              display 1407998155541320
              countryCode 1
              systemEmailSubject No Value
              otherId No Value
              requestTime 0
              priority 3
              ACD_PRIORITY 3
              predictiveContactId 0
              interactionType 1
              agentCompanyName [CompanyAlias]
              CONNECT_ACD_AGENT 1
              companyName No Value
              doNotRecord 0
              lastName No Value
              customerId No Value
              to [DNIS]
              projectId 50020
              email No Value
              imContactId null
              Digits 5569887745 --these are the digits I entered in my campaign and is the variable you are interested in
              imCompanyName null
              agentFirstName David
              INTDATE 1290120725
              INTID 1407998155541320
              systemTransfer 0