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    Error when compiling whith gcc in order to create a dynamic librairy.

      Hy all,

      I facing the following error at compilation time :

      ld: fatal: relocations remain against allocatable but non-writable sections
      collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

      The list of commands I have issued are here :

      # env
      Tools used under solaris 8 ( all is under /usr/local/bin)
      binutils-2.20.1-sol8-sparc-local => GNU for sparc
      gcc-3.4.6-sol8-sparc-local => GNU for sparclibiconv-1.13.1-sol8-sparc-local
      rsaref20.tar => library openssl

      # pwd/usr/local/doc/openssl-1.0.0a/demos/engines/rsaref/install

      # ls -ltotal 490
      -rw-r--r-- 1 root other 7056 Nov 17 14:12 desc.o-rwxr-xr-x 1 root other 27520 Nov 17 14:25 dhdemo
      -rw-r--r-- 1 root other 10216 Nov 17 14:25 dhdemo.o-rw-r--r-- 1 root other 1520 Nov 17 14:12 digit.o
      drwx------ 2 3191 40 512 Mar 25 1994 dos-rw-r--r-- 1 root other 47960 Nov 17 14:12 librsaref.a
      -rwxr-xr-x 1 root other 6056 Nov 17 14:32 librsaref.sodrwx------ 2 3191 40 512 Mar 25 1994 mac
      -rw------- 1 3191 40 1217 Nov 17 14:12 makefile-rw-r--r-- 1 root other 2384 Nov 17 14:12 md2c.o
      -rw-r--r-- 1 root other 4740 Nov 17 14:12 md5c.o-rw-r--r-- 1 root other 5420 Nov 17 14:12 nn.o
      -rw-r--r-- 1 root other 2144 Nov 17 14:12 prime.o-rw-r--r-- 1 root other 2400 Nov 17 14:12 r_dh.o
      -rw-r--r-- 1 root other 3436 Nov 17 14:12 r_encode.o-rw-r--r-- 1 root other 7696 Nov 17 14:12 r_enhanc.o
      -rw-r--r-- 1 root other 3160 Nov 17 14:12 r_keygen.o-rw-r--r-- 1 root other 1372 Nov 17 14:12 r_random.o
      -rw-r--r-- 1 root other 804 Nov 17 14:12 r_stdlib.o-rwxr-xr-x 1 root other 51932 Nov 17 14:25 rdemo
      -rw-r--r-- 1 root other 3660 Nov 17 14:12 rsa.o-rw-r--r-- 1 root other 47960 Nov 17 14:25 rsaref.a
      drwx------ 2 3191 40 512 Mar 25 1994 unix

      COMPILATION COMMAND : "the error is at the end" :

      # gcc -o librsaref.so.2 -shared -Wl,-soname,librsaref.so *.o
      ld: warning: option -o appears more than once, first setting taken
      Text relocation remains
      against symbol offset in file
      <unknown> 0xb84 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb88 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb8c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb90 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb94 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb98 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb9c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xba0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xba4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xba8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xbac dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xbb0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xbb4 dhdemo.o
      R_GetRandomBytesNeeded 0x22c dhdemo.o
      NN_Zero 0x978 nn.o
      NN_Zero 0xab4 nn.o
      NN_Zero 0x274 prime.o
      PARAMS2 0x540 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x544 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x548 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x550 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x55c dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x560 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x580 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x6a4 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x6a8 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x6b0 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x844 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2 0x848 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x608 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x60c desc.o
      <unknown> 0x614 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x618 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x65c desc.o
      <unknown> 0x660 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x66c desc.o
      <unknown> 0x670 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x678 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x67c desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9cc desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9d0 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9d4 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9d8 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9dc desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9e0 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9e4 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9e8 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9ec desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9f0 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9f4 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9f8 desc.o
      <unknown> 0x9fc desc.o
      <unknown> 0xa00 desc.o
      <unknown> 0xa04 desc.o
      <unknown> 0xa08 desc.o
      DESX_CBCUpdate 0xed4 r_enhanc.o
      DES3_CBCRestart 0xf28 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x134 desc.o
      R_memset 0x144 desc.o
      R_memset 0x304 desc.o
      R_memset 0x314 desc.o
      R_memset 0x4c8 desc.o
      R_memset 0x4d8 desc.o
      R_memset 0x7e8 desc.o
      R_memset 0x7f8 desc.o
      R_memset 0x808 desc.o
      R_memset 0x384 nn.o
      R_memset 0x638 nn.o
      R_memset 0x648 nn.o
      R_memset 0x688 nn.o
      R_memset 0x6d8 nn.o
      R_memset 0x860 nn.o
      R_memset 0x870 nn.o
      R_memset 0x9c4 nn.o
      R_memset 0x9d4 nn.o
      R_memset 0x9e4 nn.o
      R_memset 0x9f4 nn.o
      R_memset 0xa04 nn.o
      R_memset 0xa14 nn.o
      R_memset 0xa24 nn.o
      R_memset 0xa34 nn.o
      R_memset 0xae4 nn.o
      R_memset 0xaf4 nn.o
      R_memset 0xb04 nn.o
      R_memset 0x2a4 prime.o
      R_memset 0x310 prime.o
      R_memset 0x2b0 r_dh.o
      R_memset 0x390 r_dh.o
      R_memset 0x3a0 r_dh.o
      R_memset 0x160 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x170 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x264 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x274 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x284 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x394 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x488 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x550 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x6e8 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x7cc r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x8d4 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x9b8 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x9c8 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0xb10 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0xb20 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0xb90 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0xce0 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0xe04 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0xe14 r_enhanc.o
      R_memset 0x458 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x468 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x478 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x488 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x498 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x4a8 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x4b8 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x4c8 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x4d8 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x4e8 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x550 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x5d0 r_keygen.o
      R_memset 0x14 r_random.o
      R_memset 0xb8 r_random.o
      R_memset 0x1b4 r_random.o
      R_memset 0xc8 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x1d4 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x290 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x390 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x47c rsa.o
      R_memset 0x48c rsa.o
      R_memset 0x6f8 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x708 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x718 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x728 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x738 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x748 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x758 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x768 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x778 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x788 rsa.o
      R_memset 0x798 rsa.o
      DES_CBCRestart 0xf08 r_enhanc.o
      DESX_CBCRestart 0xf1c r_enhanc.o
      DES3_CBCInit 0xe8c r_enhanc.o
      DES_CBCUpdate 0xebc r_enhanc.o
      DES3_CBCUpdate 0xee0 r_enhanc.o
      DESX_CBCInit 0xe7c r_enhanc.o
      DES_CBCInit 0xe6c r_enhanc.o
      <unknown> 0x7dc dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x814 dhdemo.o
      seedByte.0 0x224 dhdemo.o
      seedByte.0 0x244 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xab8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xabc dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x28 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x30 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x3c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x44 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x48 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x50 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x54 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x5c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x60 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x68 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x6c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x74 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x80 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x88 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xc8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xe8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xf0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xf8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x118 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x120 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x130 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x16c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x180 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x204 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x20c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x268 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x270 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x288 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x290 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x2a4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x2a8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x2f0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x2f8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x310 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x318 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x32c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x334 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x36c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x374 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x3c0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x3c8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x3ec dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x3f0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x414 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x41c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x450 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x458 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x470 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x478 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x4d4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x4dc dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x4f0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x4f4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x508 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x510 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x524 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x5c4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x5cc dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x5d4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x5dc dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x600 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x604 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x608 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x618 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x650 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x660 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x674 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x678 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x68c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x690 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x6bc dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x6c0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x760 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x764 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x768 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x790 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x82c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x830 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x85c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x860 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x864 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x878 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x898 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x89c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x8c4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x8d4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x92c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x930 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x964 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x968 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x9a8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x9b8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x9f0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0x9f4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xacc dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xad4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xad8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xae0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xae4 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xaec dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xaf0 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xaf8 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xafc dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb04 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb08 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb10 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb14 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb1c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb20 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb28 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb2c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb34 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb38 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb40 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb4c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb54 dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb5c dhdemo.o
      <unknown> 0xb60 dhdemo.o
      SILENT_PROMPT 0x1ac dhdemo.o
      SILENT_PROMPT 0x1f8 dhdemo.o
      SILENT_PROMPT 0xa58 dhdemo.o
      SILENT_PROMPT 0xa5c dhdemo.o
      SILENT_PROMPT 0xbbc dhdemo.o
      SILENT_PROMPT 0xbc0 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0x640 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0x648 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0x6e4 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0x6e8 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0x9a0 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0x9ec dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xa0c dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xa18 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xa30 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xa34 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xa74 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xa7c dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xb6c dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xb74 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xbd8 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xbe0 dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xbec dhdemo.o
      __iob 0xbf4 dhdemo.o
      fprintf 0x78c dhdemo.o
      fread 0x8f4 dhdemo.o
      fread 0x914 dhdemo.o
      putchar 0xa28 dhdemo.o
      puts 0x208 dhdemo.o
      puts 0xa6c dhdemo.o
      puts 0xa9c dhdemo.o
      puts 0xbd0 dhdemo.o
      sscanf 0x2ac dhdemo.o
      sscanf 0x4f8 dhdemo.o
      sscanf 0x528 dhdemo.o
      fgets 0xbf0 dhdemo.o
      memset 0x340 dhdemo.o
      memset 0x484 dhdemo.o
      memset 0x498 dhdemo.o
      memset 0x18 r_stdlib.o
      fopen 0x64c dhdemo.o
      fopen 0x8c0 dhdemo.o
      fopen 0x9a4 dhdemo.o
      R_SetupDHAgreement 0x2dc dhdemo.o
      fflush 0xa78 dhdemo.o
      fflush 0xb70 dhdemo.o
      fflush 0xbdc dhdemo.o
      fputc 0x7a4 dhdemo.o
      printf 0xb64 dhdemo.o
      R_RandomInit 0x21c dhdemo.o
      R_RandomFinal 0x184 dhdemo.o
      fwrite 0x684 dhdemo.o
      fwrite 0x69c dhdemo.o
      fwrite 0x6cc dhdemo.o
      fwrite 0x774 dhdemo.o
      fwrite 0x9dc dhdemo.o
      malloc 0x2b4 dhdemo.o
      malloc 0x2c4 dhdemo.o
      malloc 0x384 dhdemo.o
      malloc 0x394 dhdemo.o
      malloc 0x3a4 dhdemo.o
      malloc 0x578 dhdemo.o
      malloc 0x598 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2_READY 0x530 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2_READY 0x534 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2_READY 0x5e4 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2_READY 0x5ec dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2_READY 0x7bc dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2_READY 0x7f0 dhdemo.o
      PARAMS2_READY 0x800 dhdemo.o
      fclose 0x6f8 dhdemo.o
      fclose 0x94c dhdemo.o
      fclose 0xa44 dhdemo.o
      sprintf 0xb50 dhdemo.o
      free 0x348 dhdemo.o
      free 0x350 dhdemo.o
      free 0x4a0 dhdemo.o
      free 0x4a8 dhdemo.o
      free 0x4b0 dhdemo.o
      free 0x54c dhdemo.o
      free 0x554 dhdemo.o
      R_ComputeDHAgreedKey 0x43c dhdemo.o
      R_GenerateDHParams 0x5b0 dhdemo.o
      R_RandomUpdate 0x248 dhdemo.o
      NN_DigitDiv 0x550 nn.o
      .udiv 0xf4 digit.o
      .udiv 0x224 digit.o
      .udiv 0x20 r_encode.o
      .udiv 0xc0c r_enhanc.o
      NN_DigitMult 0xc60 nn.o
      NN_DigitMult 0xcdc nn.o
      .umul 0x20 digit.o
      .umul 0x30 digit.o
      .umul 0x44 digit.o
      .umul 0x54 digit.o
      .umul 0x10c digit.o
      .umul 0x120 digit.o
      .umul 0x23c digit.o
      .umul 0x250 digit.o
      <unknown> 0xf0 md2c.o
      <unknown> 0xf4 md2c.o
      <unknown> 0x194 md2c.o
      <unknown> 0x198 md2c.o
      <unknown> 0x1f0 md2c.o
      <unknown> 0x1f4 md2c.o
      MD2Update 0xf8 md2c.o
      MD2Update 0x108 md2c.o
      MD2Update 0x60 r_enhanc.o
      MD2Init 0x24 r_enhanc.o
      MD2Final 0x98 r_enhanc.o
      R_SealUpdate 0xc38 r_enhanc.o
      R_SealUpdate 0xc88 r_enhanc.o
      <unknown> 0x140 md5c.o
      <unknown> 0x148 md5c.o
      MD5Final 0xa4 r_enhanc.o
      MD5Final 0x4c r_random.o
      MD5Final 0x138 r_random.o
      MD5Update 0x144 md5c.o
      MD5Update 0x154 md5c.o
      MD5Update 0x6c r_enhanc.o
      MD5Update 0x40 r_random.o
      MD5Update 0x12c r_random.o
      MD5Init 0x34 r_enhanc.o
      MD5Init 0x30 r_random.o
      MD5Init 0x11c r_random.o
      NN_Sub 0x5c0 nn.o
      NN_Sub 0x9a0 nn.o
      NN_Sub 0x54 prime.o
      NN_Sub 0xd8 prime.o
      NN_Sub 0x144 prime.o
      NN_Sub 0x16c prime.o
      NN_Sub 0x5c r_dh.o
      NN_Sub 0x100 r_dh.o
      NN_Sub 0xcc r_keygen.o
      NN_Sub 0x1a0 r_keygen.o
      NN_Sub 0x2c8 r_keygen.o
      NN_Sub 0x2dc r_keygen.o
      NN_Sub 0x528 r_keygen.o
      NN_Sub 0x640 rsa.o
      NN_Sub 0x660 rsa.o
      NN_Sub 0x674 rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x3c prime.o
      NN_Decode 0x208 r_dh.o
      NN_Decode 0x22c r_dh.o
      NN_Decode 0x260 r_dh.o
      NN_Decode 0x2dc r_dh.o
      NN_Decode 0x304 r_dh.o
      NN_Decode 0x32c r_dh.o
      NN_Decode 0x3bc rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x3d4 rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x3ec rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x4b8 rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x4d0 rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x4e8 rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x4fc rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x510 rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x524 rsa.o
      NN_Decode 0x538 rsa.o
      NN_Add 0x928 nn.o
      NN_Add 0x80 prime.o
      NN_Add 0xac prime.o
      NN_Add 0xec prime.o
      NN_Add 0x118 prime.o
      NN_Add 0x19c prime.o
      NN_Add 0x70 r_dh.o
      NN_Add 0x114 r_dh.o
      NN_Add 0xa0 r_keygen.o
      NN_Add 0xe0 r_keygen.o
      NN_Add 0x174 r_keygen.o
      NN_Add 0x1b4 r_keygen.o
      NN_Add 0x6c8 rsa.o
      NN_Digits 0x2f8 nn.o
      NN_Digits 0x308 nn.o
      NN_Digits 0x478 nn.o
      NN_Digits 0x750 nn.o
      NN_Digits 0xbc4 nn.o
      NN_Digits 0x214 r_dh.o
      NN_Digits 0x26c r_dh.o
      NN_Digits 0x2e8 r_dh.o
      NN_Digits 0x310 r_dh.o
      NN_Digits 0x3f8 rsa.o
      NN_Digits 0x408 rsa.o
      NN_Digits 0x544 rsa.o
      NN_Digits 0x554 rsa.o
      NN_Digits 0x564 rsa.o
      NN_Cmp 0x5e8 nn.o
      NN_Cmp 0xfc prime.o
      NN_Cmp 0x128 prime.o
      NN_Cmp 0x180 prime.o
      NN_Cmp 0x244 prime.o
      NN_Cmp 0x2f8 prime.o
      NN_Cmp 0x33c r_dh.o
      NN_Cmp 0x224 r_keygen.o
      NN_Cmp 0x5b8 r_keygen.o
      NN_Cmp 0x41c rsa.o
      NN_Cmp 0x578 rsa.o
      NN_Cmp 0x624 rsa.o
      NN_Div 0x678 nn.o
      NN_Div 0x900 nn.o
      NN_Div 0x18c r_dh.o
      NN_ModInv 0x29c r_keygen.o
      NN_ModInv 0x310 r_keygen.o
      NN_ModMult 0x718 nn.o
      NN_ModMult 0x730 nn.o
      NN_ModMult 0x7d0 nn.o
      NN_ModMult 0x7e8 nn.o
      NN_ModMult 0x820 nn.o
      NN_ModMult 0x698 rsa.o
      NN_RShift 0x628 nn.o
      NN_Gcd 0x590 r_keygen.o
      NN_ModExp 0x2e8 prime.o
      NN_ModExp 0x1a8 r_dh.o
      NN_ModExp 0x28c r_dh.o
      NN_ModExp 0x36c r_dh.o
      NN_ModExp 0x44c rsa.o
      NN_ModExp 0x5e8 rsa.o
      NN_ModExp 0x614 rsa.o
      NN_Mult 0x6b0 nn.o
      NN_Mult 0x914 nn.o
      NN_Mult 0x284 r_keygen.o
      NN_Mult 0x2f4 r_keygen.o
      NN_Mult 0x6b0 rsa.o
      NN_Mod 0x6c8 nn.o
      NN_Mod 0xa88 nn.o
      NN_Mod 0x98 prime.o
      NN_Mod 0xc4 prime.o
      NN_Mod 0x268 prime.o
      NN_Mod 0x32c r_keygen.o
      NN_Mod 0x348 r_keygen.o
      NN_Mod 0x5a8 rsa.o
      NN_Mod 0x5c8 rsa.o
      NN_LShift 0x4cc nn.o
      NN_LShift 0x4e4 nn.o
      NN_LShift 0x128 r_dh.o
      NN_Encode 0x1c8 r_dh.o
      NN_Encode 0x1dc r_dh.o
      NN_Encode 0x2a0 r_dh.o
      NN_Encode 0x380 r_dh.o
      NN_Encode 0x374 r_keygen.o
      NN_Encode 0x390 r_keygen.o
      NN_Encode 0x3d0 r_keygen.o
      NN_Encode 0x3e8 r_keygen.o
      NN_Encode 0x400 r_keygen.o
      NN_Encode 0x418 r_keygen.o
      NN_Encode 0x430 r_keygen.o
      NN_Encode 0x448 r_keygen.o
      NN_Encode 0x46c rsa.o
      NN_Encode 0x6e8 rsa.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x1c4 nn.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x2ec nn.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x4ac nn.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x4f8 nn.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x610 nn.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x73c nn.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x88c nn.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x8a0 nn.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x64 prime.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x220 prime.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x2c0 prime.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x40 r_dh.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x7c r_dh.o
      NN_AssignZero 0xe4 r_dh.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x160 r_dh.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x48 r_keygen.o
      NN_AssignZero 0xb0 r_keygen.o
      NN_AssignZero 0xec r_keygen.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x184 r_keygen.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x1c0 r_keygen.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x2ac r_keygen.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x508 r_keygen.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x56c r_keygen.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x5a0 r_keygen.o
      NN_AssignZero 0x5f8 rsa.o
      NN_Assign2Exp 0x1c r_dh.o
      NN_Assign2Exp 0xc0 r_dh.o
      NN_Assign2Exp 0x78 r_keygen.o
      NN_Assign2Exp 0x8c r_keygen.o
      NN_Assign2Exp 0x14c r_keygen.o
      NN_Assign2Exp 0x160 r_keygen.o
      NN_Assign 0x374 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x6fc nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x850 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x8b0 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x8c0 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x938 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x948 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x958 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x968 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x9b4 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0xa54 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0xa64 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0xa98 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0xaa8 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0xad4 nn.o
      NN_Assign 0x158 prime.o
      NN_Assign 0x30 r_dh.o
      NN_Assign 0xd4 r_dh.o
      NN_Assign 0x244 r_keygen.o
      NN_Assign 0x254 r_keygen.o
      NN_Assign 0x264 r_keygen.o
      NN_Assign 0x57c r_keygen.o
      <unknown> 0x214 prime.o
      <unknown> 0x218 prime.o
      R_GenerateBytes 0x10 prime.o
      R_GenerateBytes 0x23c r_dh.o
      R_GenerateBytes 0x2c8 r_enhanc.o
      R_GenerateBytes 0x2e4 r_enhanc.o
      R_GenerateBytes 0x50 rsa.o
      GeneratePrime 0xa0 r_dh.o
      GeneratePrime 0x144 r_dh.o
      GeneratePrime 0x110 r_keygen.o
      GeneratePrime 0x1e4 r_keygen.o
      R_SealFinal 0xc9c r_enhanc.o
      R_DecodePEMBlock 0x80c r_enhanc.o
      R_DecodePEMBlock 0x838 r_enhanc.o
      R_DecodePEMBlock 0xa08 r_enhanc.o
      R_DecodePEMBlock 0xd28 r_enhanc.o
      R_DecodePEMBlock 0xd94 r_enhanc.o
      R_EncodePEMBlock 0x734 r_enhanc.o
      R_EncodePEMBlock 0x758 r_enhanc.o
      R_EncodePEMBlock 0x978 r_enhanc.o
      R_EncodePEMBlock 0xc50 r_enhanc.o
      R_EncodePEMBlock 0xcc4 r_enhanc.o
      <unknown> 0x698 r_enhanc.o
      <unknown> 0x69c r_enhanc.o
      <unknown> 0xba8 r_enhanc.o
      <unknown> 0xbac r_enhanc.o
      <unknown> 0xbd4 r_enhanc.o
      <unknown> 0xbd8 r_enhanc.o
      RSAPublicDecrypt 0x208 r_enhanc.o
      R_VerifyUpdate 0x8a0 r_enhanc.o
      R_OpenFinal 0xdd8 r_enhanc.o
      R_OpenInit 0xa34 r_enhanc.o
      R_VerifyFinal 0x8c0 r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestInit 0xbc r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestInit 0x150 r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestInit 0x188 r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestInit 0x254 r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestInit 0xb44 r_enhanc.o
      RSAPublicEncrypt 0x35c r_enhanc.o
      R_SignBlock 0x714 r_enhanc.o
      R_SignBlock 0x90c r_enhanc.o
      RSAPrivateDecrypt 0x4e0 r_enhanc.o
      R_memcmp 0x238 r_enhanc.o
      R_memcmp 0x6a4 r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestUpdate 0xd8 r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestUpdate 0x1a4 r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestUpdate 0xb60 r_enhanc.o
      R_SealInit 0x958 r_enhanc.o
      R_OpenUpdate 0xd4c r_enhanc.o
      R_OpenUpdate 0xdb8 r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestFinal 0xfc r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestFinal 0x1d4 r_enhanc.o
      R_DigestFinal 0xb7c r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0x30c r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0x3cc r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0x3f8 r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0x45c r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0x58c r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0x5b8 r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0x620 r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0x6cc r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0xbb0 r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0xbdc r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0xbec r_enhanc.o
      R_memcpy 0x3a4 r_keygen.o
      R_memcpy 0x3b8 r_keygen.o
      R_memcpy 0x10c r_random.o
      R_memcpy 0x18c r_random.o
      R_memcpy 0x98 rsa.o
      R_memcpy 0x1c4 rsa.o
      R_memcpy 0x264 rsa.o
      R_memcpy 0x380 rsa.o
      R_VerifyBlockSignature 0x860 r_enhanc.o
      R_VerifyBlockSignature 0xafc r_enhanc.o
      RSAPrivateEncrypt 0x134 r_enhanc.o
      R_VerifyInit 0x884 r_enhanc.o
      R_SignInit 0x77c r_enhanc.o
      R_SignUpdate 0x798 r_enhanc.o
      R_SignFinal 0x7b8 r_enhanc.o
      memcmp 0x70 r_stdlib.o
      memcpy 0x44 r_stdlib.o
      ld: fatal: relocations remain against allocatable but non-writable sections
      collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

      Best regards.