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    OACore monitoring question

      Hi All,

      ebs r12.0.4
      aix 6.1 64bits

      Is there a way to monitor the opmn process but more specificly the oacore process (jvm?) like the memomy usage, sessions running on it (and related users) and so on?

      Basically, we have 2 oacore process running in prod. We had an issue yesterday where oacore together had more than 860 process. This never happened in the last 2 months. We bounced oacore last night, and its now back to normal with a total of 120 processes.

      I found a metalink (443506.1) note talking about JConsole. Is there a way to find the oc4jadmin password? I found the opmn-host and opmn-port in opmn.xml file but I am not sure about the oc4jadmin password.

      Thank you,