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    New releases of Tuxedo, SALT,and TSAM

    Todd Little-Oracle
      10gR3 releases of Tuxedo, SALT, and TSAM are now available. These releases represent significant investment by Oracle in the Tuxedo product family and further demonstration Oracle's commitment to Tuxedo. I'm especially excited about the new SCA support in SALT 10gR3. This should make developing Tuxedo applications much easier and faster, and make integration within composite applications much more straightforward. Check out the documentation and the [download |http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/tuxedo/index.html]site for more information. Also check out [Tuxedo Tidbits|http://blogs.oracle.com/Tuxedo/], a new blog I will be trying to update regularly with news about Tuxedo, hints and kicks, code snippets, and the like.

      Todd Little
      Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect