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    How to define a target home page from a plug-in?


      I have couple of questions regarding plug-in:

      1. I am creating my own plug-in. In the new target home page, how to customize the page? i.e., some target type has 2 columns: "General" and "Configuration", where is this defined?

      2. In my plug-in, I have define the Response metric, but the home page status shows "Status Pending". The status is not being collected, what am I missing?

      Here is my metric definition:     

      <Metric NAME="Response" TYPE="TABLE">
           <Label NLSID="resp">Response</Label>
           <ColumnDescriptor NAME="NmoSetuidStatus" TYPE="NUMBER" IS_KEY="FALSE">
           <Display FOR_SUMMARY_UI="TRUE">
           <Label NLSID="emd_nmo_stat">Nmo Setuid Status</Label>
           <ShortName NLSID="emd_nmo_stat_short">Emd Status</ShortName>
           <ColumnDescriptor NAME="Status" TYPE="NUMBER" IS_KEY="FALSE">
           <Display FOR_SUMMARY_UI="TRUE">
           <Label NLSID="resp_stat">Test Status</Label>
           <ShortName NLSID="resp_stat_short">Test Status</ShortName>
           <QueryDescriptor FETCHLET_ID="OSLineToken">
      <Property NAME="scriptsDir" SCOPE="SYSTEMGLOBAL">scriptsDir</Property>
      <Property NAME="perlBin" SCOPE="SYSTEMGLOBAL">perlBin</Property>
      <Property NAME="command" SCOPE="GLOBAL">%perlBin%/perl</Property>
      <Property NAME="script" SCOPE="GLOBAL">%scriptsDir%/emdup.pl</Property>
           <Property NAME="startsWith" SCOPE="GLOBAL">em_result=</Property>
           <Property NAME="delimiter" SCOPE="GLOBAL">|</Property>

      Thanks for any help.