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    Page Items saved when Saving Interactive Report

      I have an interactive report on page 30. Above it, I have a Page Item: P30_TEXT which a user enters and I use to filter a large table: HARDWARE by using a context search.

      select col1, col2
      from hardware
      where contains(searchcol,:P30_TEXT) > 0

      Users can then filter/customize the page as they see fit using the IR controls.

      However, when they save the report, the value of :P30_TEXT does not get saved along with it.

      Is there a way to allow for this functionality to happen?

      When the user clicks on the Save Icon, do I need to somehow write some Javascript to call Ajax to save the value into a table that stores the report Id and value? If so, then I get I have to recall that value when the saved report is re-requested later.

      I imagine I would have to change the query to something like:

      Any direction is much appreciated.