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    Where is the SUNWscpux package

      Hello all,

      I'm unable to find this package on my Solaris Server (M4000) and don't found it on the latest Solaris Release. I'm wrong somewhere ?
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          Not at all. The old "x" postfix was used in Solaris 7 - Solaris 9 to indicate a 64 bit package.

          The non-x package, in this case SUNWscpu would be a 32 bit package, and SUNWscpux would be a 64 bit package.

          Starting from Solaris 10, the SPARC version is only 64 bit, so all the 32 bit packages was removed, and with them the 'x' postfix.


          SUNWscpu - 32 bit in Solaris 7 - Solaris 9, but 64 bit in Solaris 10+.
          SUNWscpux - 64 bit in Solaris 7 - Solaris 9.

          So in short its gone since the naming convention is no longer necessary.