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    Christmas light show

      hey I've been trying to work out this problem for a while now which started last semester I am trying to write a program to that can be fed in music files and then reads the notes/frequencies and then turns on a different colored light for each note. The lights are easy I already programmed that in C and can more or less easily translate it into java but what I can't figure out is the music part. I've looked online and read forums about frequencies and recording sound to files but as far as I can figure none of it really correlates. so if anyone has an algorithm or an equation or something that I can evolve into what I need... it would be very appreciated thank you in advance
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          There are several parts to your problem: reading a 'music' file, mapping data from that to notes, mapping a 'note' to your light interface.

          The last part is the easiest since you can just make up your own notational system and stream that to your lights.

          However I am guessing that you are also going to want to play the music so you can hear it as the lights change.

          And reading the file and playing the music is a non-trivial undertaking especially since you want to insert yourself into the stream. As such you probably should focus only on that now. Once you have achieved that you should have a better idea of how to map to notes especially if you pay attention to the details of the file formats.
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            Darryl Gove-Oracle

            You need to read the sound data in chunks, then do a fourier transform (FFT) on the data. This converts it from an array of values over time into an array of values over frequency. You can aggregate these to produce a strength per frequency range, and use these to drive the various lights.