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    Performance guidance

      Can you offer any "best practices" advice for using .NET stored procedures to optimize performance in Oracle?

      I imagine that C# would be faster than PL/SQL for certain operations (where it is faster than T-SQL in SQL Server), e.g. string manipulation.

      However, if a .NET procedure makes a bunch of chatty db calls via a connection, wouldn't it be just as slow as client code?

      If I receive a bunch of data in XML and need to INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE based on the contents, my experience with SQL Server would lead me to avoid any series of queries on the same table by passing the XML as a parameter to a stored procedure. I might try to speed this up with a .NET procedure that populates a DataSet that it can return to a PL/SQL proc for a single UPDATE or INSERT query, perhaps using a Global Temporary Table.

      Is this the right way to improve performance?